Form used by a person with a disability to request an accommodation in the employment examination process.
Form used by a person outside the Classified Service who desires to file a complaint against a Classified Employee.
Form used to add or delete jurisdiction personnel authorized to access the Board’s online computer systems.
Form used to rehire a former employee who retired due to disability or to reassign an
employee who becomes disabled to a different job class in order to avoid retirement due to disability.
Notice of Contemplated Disciplinary Action
Form used to notify an employee that a disciplinary action is contemplated against them.

Notice of Disciplinary Action
Form used to notify an employee of a disciplinary action charged against them for violation of a rule or regulation.
Form used to authorize the demotion of an employee.
Form used by employees to indicate interest in changing their employment status from full-time to part-time.
Guidelines to promote the just and efficient conduct of the administrative hearings provided to Classified Employees.
Form used to request a leave of absence and to provide medical documentation in the event of a medical LOA.
Form used by a Regular Employee who, for cause, is dismissed, demoted, or suspended (more than 5 days) and who desires to appeal the discipline within 10 calendar days as set forth in Rule 12.4.
The charges assessed for copies of documents made pursuant to a request for access to public records effective January 1, 2012
Form used to add or delete jurisdiction personnel authorized to initiate or approve personnel actions.
Form used to request access to information subject to public review maintained by the Personnel Board.
Form used to request that a candidate be disqualified from an active register or certification list pursuant to Rule 9.5 of the Rules and Regulations.
Form used to authorized the rollback of an employee to the job class held immediately prior to a promotion.
Form used to request a transfer from one jurisdiction to another within the same job class.
This document outlines the procedures that uniformed service members and Member Jurisdictions should follow in order to request exceptions from Merit System rules as outlined in the Personnel Board of Jefferson County’s Guidelines for the Implementation of Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act (“Guidelines”).
Form used by a candidate whose name appears on an active register to request not to be certified for a temporary period of time.


Construction Contract Policy

Audio and Video Recording of Public Meetings
The Personnel Board’s policy on video and/or audio recording of public meetings and hearings.

Compliance with the Alabama Open Records Act
The Personnel Board’s policy on Compliance with the Alabama Open Records Act and its associated procedure and public records request form.

Business Processes

Overview of Civil Service Employment
This document provides Merit System appointing authorities with an overview of the mation needed to perform human resources functions associated with civil service employment in Jefferson County as governed by the 1945 Enabling Act of the State of Alabama.

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