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The Personnel Board of  Jefferson County (PBJC) was established in 1935 by state statute as the human resources agency responsible for administering the civil service system in Jefferson County. PBJC is responsible for recruiting and assessing candidates for employment, creating hiring registers and for referring qualified candidates to hiring departments throughout the County. PBJC also performs other traditional HR activities such as classification and compensation, employee relations, and records management.

The governing statute, more commonly known as the Enabling Act, sets forth the authority for and the regulations under which a county’s Civil Service (Merit) System operates in the State of Alabama.

The Act applies to all counties in the state with four-hundred thousand (400,000) or more inhabitants. Currently, this includes Jefferson and Mobile counties. Within counties having multiple municipalities, such as Jefferson, the Merit System is inclusive of municipalities having five thousand (5,000) or more inhabitants and whose borders lie geographically within the county. Police Officers of municipalities having two-thousand five hundred (2,500) inhabitants are also statutorily included. For purposes of inclusion, the population of the counties and their respective municipalities is counted as of the last official federal census.

Currently, employees of eighteen (18) municipalities throughout Jefferson County are part of the Merit System. These eighteen municipalities, together with several countywide entities such as The Jefferson County Department of Health, The Emergency Management Agency (EMA), the Jefferson County Commission, Judges, and the Personnel Board itself make up the twenty-three “jurisdictions” that are part of the Merit System of Jefferson County. There are approximately nine-thousand (9,000) employees throughout the twenty-three jurisdictions.

All employees of covered municipalities and the other defined countywide entities are automatically covered by the Merit System unless they are statutorily exempted. Some of the classes exempted by statute are: employees or appointees of the city or county Board of Education, teachers in public schools, elected officials, the judge of any court, resident physicians, and common laborers.

Jefferson County Courthouse The Personnel Board of Jefferson County was established by the Enabling Act as the administrative body responsible for governing the county’s Civil Service System, for providing human resource services to member jurisdictions, and for assuring compliance with the requirements contained within the Act. Compliance is accomplished through a set of Rules and Regulations that serve as the administrative and procedural guidelines applicable and adhered to by all Merit System jurisdictions and their respective employees.

Services provided by the Board include:

  • Managing the County’s civil service system in an efficient and cost-effective manner.
    The Personnel Board operates in the public trust and fulfills its responsibility for stewardship pursuant to strong fiscal policies and procedures and appropriate internal controls.
  • Facilitating the hiring of qualified individuals to fill vacancies within county government.
    The Personnel Board manages job requisitions, recruits candidates for employment, tests eligible applicants, and refers names of qualified applicants who pass legally defensible tests to hiring departments.
  • Managing and administering job classes and salary structures.
    The Personnel Board develops job descriptions, performs job evaluations and analyses, conducts salary surveys, establishes compensation plans and salary schedules, and addresses the position and salary management needs of its member jurisdictions.
  • Managing and maintaining employee civil service records.
    The Personnel Board maintains the civil service records for all employees under the county’s civil service system.
  • Managing and facilitating employee relations and employee development.
    The Personnel Board protects the rights of employees and appointing authorities by administering a fair and impartial appeal and grievance process and it promotes employee career growth through training and development opportunities available to all Merit System employees.
  • Engaging in Community Service.
    The Personnel Board encourages its staff to participate in civic and professional activities that support the community’s interests, that promote the agency as a strong community partner, and that contribute to the growth of the human resources profession.

The Personnel Board of Jefferson County is an independent agency within the County and is not a part of any political, county, or municipal subdivision within the System. It reports to a Citizens’ Supervisory Commission (CSC) comprised of seventeen (17) community leaders, including heads of local colleges, universities, and civic groups. The PBJC is governed by a three-member Board. Board members are appointed by the CSC and serve staggered six-year terms.

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