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SALARY - REGULARPayment for normally assigned hours of work for elected, appointed, classified and unclassified personnel who are employed for 40 hours per week.$5,896,149.00
SALARY - PT & TEMPPayment for assigned hours of work for classified, unclassified, elected, and appointed personnel who are employed for less than 40 hours per week, and temporaries who may work up to 40 hours per week for less than a full year.$75,516.00
BENEFITS - F I C A County payment for all employees for taxes due under the laws of the Social Security Act. This is the Old Age Survivor's and Disability Insurance (OASDI) portion of 6.2% up to the available published maximum of $76,200 salary base in FY 2000-2001.$344,023.00
BENEFITS - MEDICARECounty payment for all employees for taxes due under the laws of the Social Security Act. This is the Health Insurance (HI) portion (Medicare) of 1.45% without a maximum salary base in FY 2000-2001.$86,321.00
BENEFITS - HEALTH INSURANCEPayment of the County's portion for all employees insured under any County sponsored health maintenance plans, such as Complete Health and Partners.$710,000.00
BENEFITS - LIFE INSURANCEPayment of the County portion (currently 100%) for all employees insured under the County sponsored life insurance plan (with benefits equal to double the employee's salary, up to a maximum of $100,000).$8,940.00
BENEFITS - RETIREMENTPayment of the County's six percent match of all employee contributions to the Jefferson County Employee's General Retirement Program. It also records the employee's share if the employee is in non-pay status on actual military leave.$352,680.00
ALLOWANCES - ELECTED OFFICIALSPayment for board members who receive an amount of money as allowance, per state legislation.$4,000.00
REPAIR CONTRACTUAL MAINTENANCEAnnual maintenance and support of the Board’s systems and equipment.$65,548.00
SOFTWARE MAINTENANCE Payment for software maintenance only. Technical software support charges are recorded in commitment item $344,388.00
RENTAL-FACILITIES Payment for assessment facility rentals (local hotels) for procedures such as Police Captain testing and Firefighter testing where the number of candidates to be tested is greater than the accommodationsat the 2121 building.$81,040.00
SUPPLIES - OPERATION Cost of microcomputers, printers, scanners, word processing equipment, etc. under $5,000. $21,654.00
SUPPLIES - UNIFORMS Payment for the purchase of security officer uniforms. $1,000.00
SUPPLIES - JANITORIAL Supplies needed for the Board's housekeeper. $1,200.00
SUPPLIES - INFO TECH Costs of small equipment of less than $1,000 and may include patch cables, external hard drives, laser printers, wireless devices, work sample equipment, etc.$32,493.00
GENERAL OFFICE Costs for those items necessary for operation of a regular office. Such items include pens/pencils, staples, copier paper, printer cartridges, fax cartridges, etc.$23,500.00
SUPPLIES - FOOD PURCHASES Payment for meals for visiting assessors who volunteer from public agencies nationwide to serve as evaluators for the Testing process and meals provided for LEDGE Training participants.$26,100.00
SUPPLIES - OTHER Any supply item that is not charged to other Supply account codes. $5,140.00
OUTSIDE SERVICES Payment for outside professional services retained, such as transcription services, scoring services of the Police Officer/Deputy Sheriff/Firefighter examinations, IT system evaluation consulting services; online skill based test assessment services and document destruction services. $287,309.00
OUTSIDE SERVICES - LEGAL Payment for outside attorney fees, such as expenses related to Balch & Bingham, LLP and Lloyd, Gray, Whitehead & Monroe, PC. Also includes Hearing Officer expenses. $575,000.00
OUTSIDE SERVICES - PRINTING Payment for outside vendors (such as Wright & Associates and Office Depot) to provide printing services of business cards, name tags, business cards, etc.$1,000.00
OUTSIDE SERVICES - ADVERTISING Payment for advertising costs for media as it relates to announcing job vacancies, and providing greater exposure to a broader range of media (such as job search engines).$60,190.00
POSTAGE Payment for postage and shipping service through the federal postal service. $1,000.00
TELEPHONE Payment for local telephone service within the County telephone system or BellSouth lines and charges, as well as any long distance telephone service. $9,000.00
CELLULAR TELEPHONE SERVICE This account records payment for local telephone service for mobile telephone connection and associated air time.$13,000.00
PUBLICATIONS Cost of books, periodicals and subscriptions which results in a benefit to the agency, predominantly used to support management and supervisory development, customer service, and HR legal classes. Also, includes expenses of maintaining an ongoing subscription to professional or technical journals (includes Fair Labor Standards Subscription, Salary Surveys for annual survey, etc.). $4,800.00
ASSOCIATION & MEMBERSHIP DUES Payment for expenses of professional membership held by staff for Board purposes. Examples include memberships for Society of Human Resource Management, International Personnel Management Association, Association of Government Accountants, etc. $5,070.00
SOFTWARE LICENSES Costs of computer software and licenses under $5,000. $30,731.00
INSURANCE - OTHER Payment of liability insurance for employees and Board assets. $38,500.00
TRAVEL-LOCAL MILEAGE Payment to staff for the wear and tear on personal vehicles as a result of traveling to jurisdictions for site visits or recruiting career fairs.$3,510.00
OTHER - TRAVEL Payments for other travel$3,000.00
STAFF DEVELOPMENT & ASSOCIATED TRAVEL Payments for staff for travel to, registration for, and completion of annual association and conventions, seminars, and specialized training, which results in benefit to the Personnel Board. $23,000.00
DEBT-PRINCIPAL The principal payment from leasing a copier$4,000.00
DEBT-INTEREST The interest payment from leasing a copier$600.00
INDIRECT In FY 2011, Jefferson County began a new process of charging departments/agencies for central services provided by the County. These services include, but are not limited to, the processing of payroll checks, purchase order/voucher requests, budget amendment requests, help desk incidents, and the number of telephone lines assigned. $208,000.00
INDIRECT-SQUARE FT. CHARGE Rent payments to the County. Includes the charges assessed by General Services for cleaning and maintenance of Personnel Board facilities.$635,363.00
INDIRECT-DATA PROCESSING Charges assessed by Information Services to the County for data processing reports. Items such as fiscal reports, database management reports and personnel reports.$15,000.00

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