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Will the Personnel Board accept paper applications in addition to electronic applications?
No. The Personnel Board accepts online applications only.

What if I don`t have access to a computer?
The application can be accessed twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week from any location that has internet access. This could be a computer in your home, at a friend`s house, or at a local school or library. You may also complete an application online during normal business hours in the PBJC Employment Office located at 2121 Rev. Abraham Woods, Jr.,Blvd, Suite 100 Birmingham. Computers and assistance with completing the application online will be available.

What if I do not know how to access the Internet or use a computer?
You may complete the online application in the PBJC Employment Office, located at 2121 Rev. Abraham Woods, Jr.,Blvd, Suite 100 Birmingham  from 8:00 am until 5:00 pm. It is really a very easy process and the staff will be happy to assist you upon request.

Do I have to complete a new application for every vacancy in which I am interested?
No. You complete one application and that application may be submitted for any number of vacancies. When you first log on to the system, you will create a user ID and a password. The user ID and password will allow you to access your application at any time, from any place.

Do I have to submit documents on every vacancy for which I apply?
Documents are attached to job postings, not to applications and documents required might differ depending on the job for which you are applying. Consequently, you will need to submit required documents on each job.

Can I make a change to my application once I have completed it or do I have to complete a new one?
You can make a change to your application for any future vacancies, but you cannot make a change to an application you have submitted and for which you have received a confirmation number. However, if you need to change your contact information, i.e. address, email or telephone number relating to an application already submitted, log back into your application using your user name and password, click edit application, make your change(s), save and exit. The Personnel Board captures changes to contact information daily.

How will I be notified about the status of my application?
When you log on to the system with your user ID and password, an application status screen tells you the exact stage of your application.

Can other people access my application?
No. When you log on to the system, you will create a password known only to you. Your application can be accessed only by you, by the PBJC, and by whatever jurisdictions or departments your application is referred to. Password security is important. If you give your password to someone else, they can access your application and application history, just as you can. So, protect your password!

As a way for you to access your application if you forget your password, the system prompts you to ask a question and provide an answer known only to you. When you answer the question, your password will be reset to your username, thus allowing access to your application.

Consequently, the question itself should not contain the answer and the answer should not be one that is apparent from the question. For example, a good question might be `What is my favorite vacation spot?` or `What is my spouse`s middle name?` An unacceptable question would be `What color is the sky?` where blue is the obvious answer. Remember, unless someone knows your password or the answer to your secret question, they cannot access your application.

What if I forget my user ID or password?
When you first create your password, the system will prompt you to make up a question, such as `What is your mother`s maiden name?` The answer to that question will be linked to your password. When you try to log in using your user ID and no password, the system will prompt you for the answer to this question. The correct answer will re-set your password to your username allowing you to log into the application. If you forget your user ID, you may call 205-279-3500 for assistance.

How will hiring jurisdictions and departments see my application?
If you are on a list of applicants referred to a hiring jurisdiction or department, your application will be routed to them electronically.

Can more than one hiring jurisdiction or department review my application at one time?
Yes. Your name may be referred to more than one hiring jurisdiction or department at one time. Because your application is in electronic format, it can be viewed by all at the same time.

Can I print my application?
Yes, by using the print function on your computer.

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