2018 Training Program Updates

The 360 Degree Leader Certificate Enhancements

This six-minute video and accompanying .pdf will explain the changes to this program, including a name change, new ways to receive computer skills training, and the future of The 360 Degree Leader Program.

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New Ways to Learn Computer Skills

This eight-minute video and accompanying .pdf will showcase (in detail) the five ways you can receive computer skills training and explain how to use the various websites.

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Receiving a Technical Development Certificate in 2018

This four-minute video and accompanying .pdf will is designed for those employees who have already completed six (6) PBJC computer classes as of 12/31/17, and will explain the requirements to receive a PBJC Technical Development Certificate in 2018.

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Welcome to PBJC Training!

About PBJC Training and Organizational Development

The PBJC Training and Development department (hereafter designated as “The Spark Learning Center”) exists to provide essential employee development opportunities to over 7000 employees in 23 jurisdictions. Since January of 2008, over 21,000 Merit System employees have successfully completed our training classes.

The department offers Merit System employees access to classes to positively affect their careers and to exceed expectations of citizens they serve. Classes include training in computer software, human relations, effective customer service, management and leadership.

Our Departmental Vision, Mission and Values

Our Vision is “To be the PREMIER training and development organization in civil service.”

Our Mission is “To provide the finest training and development opportunities for civil service employees, and to create an engaged workforce of lifelong learners by designing, developing and delivering creative and progressive learning experiences

Our Values provide our compass as we will always strive to be:

  • Flexible: able to adapt to our client’s needs
  • Lively: fun, energetic and always upbeat
  • Approachable: encouraging open and honest dialogue
  • Genuine: training and development is not our job…it is our passion!
PBJC Training's Award Winning Program

2017 Leadership Excellence Award - Innovation in Deployment of Leadership Programs

2016 Training Top 125

2016 Leadership Excellence Awards

  • Best Corporate University
  • Best use of Classroom/Traditional Training
  • Best Experienced Senior Leaders Program

2015 Leadership 500

2014 Leadership 500

Our Four Components

The Personnel Board of Jefferson County Alabama Training

PBJC Training and Development provides learning opportunities in four areas:

  1. Certificate Programs
  2. Specialized Offerings
  3. Advanced Leadership Training
  4. Community Partner

To learn more about each of these four areas, continue reading below.

1. Certificate Programs

These programs are open to ALL Merit System employees at all levels. The individual classes that make up each program are open to everyone. You do not need to be pursuing a “certificate” in order to attend these training classes. The four certificate programs are:

  • Leading People Certificate
    This certificate program is designed for both current and future supervisors. Courses are designed to share leadership skills that will assist the participant with the “people skills” associated with supervision.
    • 12 core classes
    • 2 elective classes
    • 49 contact hours
  • Leading Processes Certificate
    This certificate program is designed for both current and future supervisors. Courses are designed to share leadership processes that will assist the participant with the “tasks” associated with supervision
    • 12 core classes
    • 2 electives classes
    • 49 contact hours
  • Professional Development Certificate
    This certificate programs is designed for anyone who desires self-improvement. Courses are designed to enhance the participants’ personal brand and increase their overall value to their jurisdiction.
    • 8 core classes
    • 2 elective classes
    • 49 contact hours
  • Technical Development Certificate (2 areas of concentration)
    • Fundamental Skills
      This certificate program is designed for employees who are still seeking to master the fundamental computer skills needed in the workplace. Topics such as keyboarding and navigating the internet provide the participant with a foundational knowledge of the computer and its basics functions.
      • 6 core classes
      • 3 elective classes
      • ~52 contact hours
    • Office Professional
      This certificate program is designed for employees who use Microsoft Office products on a regular basis. Participants will increase their knowledge of Microsoft Access, Excel, PowerPoint, and Word. Basic knowledge of these programs, or completion of the Fundamental Computer Skills Certificate, is preferred.
      • 6 core classes
      • 3 electives classes
      • ~52 contact hours

2. Specialized Offerings

These are leadership development opportunities that most often fit a specific need of a department or jurisdiction. They are usually offered when requested by a leader, but may also appear on our regular calendar of offerings from time to time. Requests for specialized offerings can be made through our department by calling 205-279-3655. Examples include:

  • Annual Employee Development Day
  • New Leader Transition
  • The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator
  • The Five Dysfunctions of a Team
  • The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership
  • The Leadership Challenge
  • Individual certificate class modules

3. Advanced Leadership Training

This program is designed for those with supervisory and leadership experience. This program has minimum qualifications and pre-requisites assigned. This program is:

  • MPACTManagers Preparing to Accomplish Change Today

4. Community Partner

PBJC Training is committed to providing multiple learning opportunities for all Merit System employees. They will continue to foster relationships with local colleges and universities, be a resource partner for other organizations, and work towards delivering an annual leadership conference that will be a benefit to all local government employees.

Main Training Line

Pete Blank

Training Manager
Michael Glaze
Training Advisor
Kimberly Kennedy
Training Advisor
Gregory Bone
Training Advisor
Terria McDonald
Education/Training Coordinator

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